DaeSoo Kim

1955 Born in Seoul, Korea
1975.3 - 1979.2 B.F.A., Dept. of Applied Art, College of Fine Arts, Hongik Univ., Seoul
1980.3 - 1981.6 Studied at Dept. of Photo-Design, Graduate School of Industrial Art, Hongik Univ.
1981.9 - 1983.5 B.F.A., Photography, Parsons School of Design, N.Y.
1983.9 - 1987.6 M.F.A., Photography, Pratt Institute, N.Y.

1979.1 - 1980.3 Worked in The Office of Planning & Coordination of Daewoo Company
1987.9 - 1988.2 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
1988.3 - 1993.5 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Photography, Sangmyong Univ.
1989.3 - 2005.2 Graduate School of Industrial Art, Ewha Woman’s Univ.
2001.9 - 2002.8 Exchange Professor, Dept. of Photography, Nihon Univ.
2011.9 - 2012.8 Artist Residency, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1993.9 - Present Professor, Dept. of Visual Communication, Hongik Univ.

One Man Exhibitions
2017.3.9-4.1“Sky Wind Stars and Me”, Gallery BK, Seoul
2015.11.9-11.21 "DaeSoo Kim Photography", Francoise Livinec Gallery, Paris
2015.9.1-9.29 "DaeSoo Kim Photography", Gallery Achim, Seoul
2015.6.6-8.19 "New Wave in Korean Photography1988-1998", GoEun Meseum of Photography, Busan
2014.11.15-2015.3.28 "DaeSoo Kim Photographies", IBU Gallery, Paris
2013.11.8-11.21 "Trees from the People", Artpark Gallery, Seoul
2012.10.18-11.17 "Listen to the Bamboos", Gallery Eulenspiegel, Gallery Heuberg 24, Basel
2012.5.18-5.31 "Sensibility of Bamboo", Ewho Gallery, Seoul
2012.3.8-3.28 "People du Bamboo", Gallery Philippe Gelot, Paris
2011.11.10-3.20 "Voice of the Bamboo", HanMi Gallery, Jeju
2011.9.15-10.13 "Voice of the Bamboo", ShinSeGae Gallery, Incheon
2010.3.17-3.31 "Colors of the Bamboo", Gallery IHN, Seoul
2007.10.26-11.8 "DaeSoo Kim Photo Work", Mac Gallery, Busan
2006.6.20-7.4 "Sky Meditation", White Wall Gallery, Seoul
2004.4.30-5.20 "Sky, Winds, Stars, and Me", Kim Young Sub Photogallery, Seoul
2003.1.20-1.29 "Trees from the People", Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
2000.5.9-5.22 "The Tale of Three Trees", Sajinmadang, Seoul
1999.10.27-11.7 "A Road to the Sky", Kumho Museum, Seoul
1998.9.21-10.2 "The Great Korean", Olive Gallery, Seoul
1996.6.7-6.18 "The Land of Wisdom", Gallery Boda, Seoul
1990.8.25-9.13 "New Wave Photographer from Korea", Sunygate Gallery, Taiwan
1988.9.7-9.13 "Creation and Then...", Gallery Han, Seoul
1987.4.26-5.1 Thesis Show, Higgins Hall, N.Y.
1984.4.30-5.6 "Quest of Light", Space Gallery, Seoul
1983.4.22-4.28 Graduate One Man Show, Parsons Hall, N.Y.

Group Exhibitions
2016.12.8-2017.1.10 “HI Light”, Sai Gallery, Seoul
2016.11.3-11.26“Hand”, Gallery Eulenspiegel, Basel
2016.10.20-11.15‘Talk about Dream, Happiness and Love”, SooHoh Gallery, Bundang
2016.5.4-7.24“Public to Private-Photography in Korean Contemporary Art since 1989”,
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
2016.4.7-5.14“DaeSoo Kim: Fotografien”, Gallery Eulenspiegel, Basel
2016.4.5-5.31“Sharing the Spotlight”, Art Space J, Bundang
2015.12.18-2016.2.28 "Current of Korean Journey of Photography, GASC Yunseul Art Museum, Kimhae
2015.11.20-11.27 "The Condensed Moment", Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2015.10.6-10.11 Korea International Art Fair, Coex Pacific Hall, Seoul
2015.9.11-9.13 Affordable Art Fair, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul
2015.9.9-11.15 "Re:Kontemporary-Fermented Souls", Kate Shin Gallery, New York
2015.8.25-11.22 "Mind Scape", Shinsegae Art Wall, Seoul
2015.5.21-7.25 "the 21st Century Handmade Print", gallery 270, New Jersey
2014.9.24-9.28 Korea International Art Fair, Coex Pacific Hall, Seoul
2014.5.17-9.28 "Korean Beauty: Two Kind of Nature", National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
2014.5.3-6.30 "Hue: Rest", The American Club, Singapore
2014.3.6-3.27 "Space: Life and Routine", Choijungah Gallery, Seoul
2013.11.12-2014.2.2 "The Wind that Wakes the Bamboo", Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju
2013.6.27-7.1 G-Seoul, Grand Hillton Hotel, Seoul
2013.6.20-7.31 Art Space J Gallery Opening Exhibition, Art Space J Gallery, Bundang
2013.6.19-7.8 "Port-Breath of Incheon", Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon
2013.2.28-3.21 "Photo Scape: Eye for the Ordinary Miracle", Interalia Gallery, Seoul
2012.12.7-12.27 Hongik International Art Festival, Art Gallery, Seoul
2012.9.13-9.17 Korea International Art Fair, Coex A and B Hall, Seoul
2012.6.18-7.20 "Monochrome in Korea", Galelie Dorothea, Mainz, Germany
2012.3.28-3.31 Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris
2011.12.2-12.31 Photo Book Fair, Ryugaheon, Seoul
2011.11.2-11.11 "Sharing through Photos", SeMa Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2011.9.22-9.25 Pink Art Fair, Intercontinental Seoul Coex, Seoul
2011.8.22-8.31 "View Reviewer Preview", Hanbyukwon Gallery, Seoul
2011.7.14-10.16 "Korean Sprit: Six Photographers", Aramnuri Art Center, Goyang
2011.5.4-5.8 Seoul Open Art Fair2011, Coex, Seoul
2011.3.29-4.30 "Remember You", Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan
2011.3.10-5.4 "The Mystic Tree", Ilwoo Space, Seoul
2011.2.21-4.1 2010Collections from the HoMa, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
2010.12.6-12.9 Exhibition of Hongik Univ. Professor, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
2010.11.1-2011.1.29 "The Scent of Forest, Sound of Forest", Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul
2010.10.7-10.27 "Cross+: The Celebration of 60th Anniversary of Korea-Spain", Gallery Palais de Seoul
2010.10.7-10.9 Art Edition 2010, Bexco, Busan
2010.7.3-9.19 "Chaotic Harmony, Korean Contemporary Photography", Santa Babara Museum of Art
2010.5.27-5.30 Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention Center, Hong Kong
2010.4.22-4.26 Seoul Open Art Fair, Coex Indian Hall, Seoul
2010.4.16-5.30 "Day of Confidence", Space Pool, Seoul
2009.12.2-12.6 Art Asia, International Asian Contemporary Art, Miami
2009.11.19-11.22 Paris Photo, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
2009.10.17-11.30 "Dreaming at Forest", Dream Gallery, Seoul
2009.9.25-11.30 Incheon Art Platform Opening Exhibition, Incheon
2009.9.18-9.22 Korea International Art Fair, Coex Pacific Hall, Seoul
2009.9.12-9.16 Seoul International Print Photo Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2009.5.14-5.17 Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention Center, Hong Kong
2009.4.16-4.19 China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing
2009.4.8-4.12 Seoul Photo 2009, Coex Indian Hall, Seoul
2009.4.4-4.26 "The 2009 Photography", Keumsan Gallery, Heyri
2009.3.5-5.31 "Contemporary Korean Photography 1948-2008", Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea
2008.8.15-10.26 "Contemporary Korean Photography 1948-2008", National Museum of Contemporary Art
2008.6.20-7.10 Mori Art Museum, Hokkaido
2008.5.30-6.5 "Garden of Mind", Shinsegye Culture Center, Seoul
2008.2.1-3.7 "Good Morning Mr. Nam June Paik", Korean Cultural Centre U.K., London
2007.10.18-10.23 "Contemporary Art Today and Tomorrow", Sejong Culture Center, Seoul
2007.10.5-10.31 "The Taken Accidents", Gallery Wa, Seoul
2007.9.3-9.28 "5028 - People and Scape", Gallery Illum, Seoul
2007.5.17-6.17 "Spectrum - Landscape", Trunk Gallery, Seoul
2007.5.9-5.13 Korea International Art Fair, Coex Pacific Hall, Seoul
2006.9.27-10.1 Seoul International Print-Photo Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2006.9.1-10.8 "Camera Work", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2006.7.5-7.30 "Photography and Life Art", Gallery Art and Dream, Seoul
2006.6.23-6.29 Shinsegae Art Fair, “Purple Cake”, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul
2006.1.18-1.24 "Stillness", Gallery Lux, Seoul
2005.10.14-11.2 Gongju International Art Fair, Imlip Museum of Art, Gongju
2005.7.20-7.28 "The Sea", Gallery La Mer, Seoul
2005.4.12-5.8 "The People in the Time 1945-2005", Seoul
2005.3.21-3.24 "South Korean Man and North Korean Woman", Gana Art Space, Seoul
2005.1.14-1.28 "A Variety of Korean Art", Kumho Museum, Seoul
2005.1.14-1.20 "Landscape of Three Countries", Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju
2004.9.3-9.15 "Scape: The Silent Moments", Gwangju Gana Art, Gwangju
2004.4.7-4.13 "Looking Inside", Baeksang Memorial Hall, Seoul
2003.12.26-2004.1.6 "Object and Imaginations", Gallery Lux, Seoul
2003.12.3-12.13 "This Is Landscape", Choheung Gallery, Seoul
2001.12.5-12.11 "Still Life Gaze 3", Ganna Art Space, Seoul
2001.7.19-7.24 "19 Photographers with Calm Land 4", Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
2001.6.22-7.22 2001 Photo Festival, Ganna Art Center, Seoul
2001.1.10-1.20 "Still Life Gaze 2", Gallery Lux, Seoul
2000.5.19-6.13 "Landscape and Place", Gyongki-do, Korea
2000.3.23-4.9 "Weather Forecast", Sabina Gallery, Seoul
2000.1.22-1.28 "12 Photographers with Calm Land 3", 051Gallery, Busan
2000.1.12-1.18 "12 Photographers with Calm Land 3", Space Pool, Seoul
2000.1.11-1.20 "Still Life Gaze", Dam Gallery, Seoul
1999.12.22-12.28 "Examination and Verification of Modern Art",Baeksang Memorial Hall, Seoul
1999.10.14-11.3 "Seoul Lumia of Century in Media 1999", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
1999.1.25-3.28 "Beyond the Threshold", Hillwood Art Museum, N.Y.
1998.12.22-1999.1.24 "Visual Extension of Photography", National Museum of Contemporary Art
1998.11.20-12.19 "History of Korean Photography", Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
1998.11.4-11.24 "The Calm Land 2", Sai Gallery, Seoul
1998.9.17-9.26 "Bogoseo Bogoseo", Sai Gallery, Seoul
1998.9.11-9.20 "Seoul Photography Exhibition ‘98", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
1998.8.12-9.6 "Crossing Drawing Exhibition", Kumho Museum, Seoul
1998.2.2-2.14 "The Calm Land", Gallery 2000, Seoul
1997.11.21-12.28 Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
1997.9.12-9.21 "Seoul Photography Exhibition ‘97", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
1997.9.1-11.27 "Exhibition of Youth Spirit", ‘97 Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibition, Gwangju
1997.3.4-3.31 "Essence of Photography Expansion of Photography", Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul
1996.12.5-12.9 Seoul International Art Fair, Coex Pacific Hall, Seoul
1996.12.4-12.10 "The Present and Future of Contemporary Korean Art", Hongik Univ. Museum, Seoul
1996.6.1-7.2 "Photography - New Vision", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
1996.2 Hongik Visual Communication Designer Association, Magazine Exhibition
1995.10.12-10.18 "Unification", Poster Exhibition in Commemoration of Liberation, Seoul
1995.9.1-9.17 "The Horizon of Korean Photography", Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
1995.8.10-8.24 "For the Day", Gallery Moxy, Seoul
1995.6.19-7.1 "Contemporary Korean Photographer", Gallery Artbeam, Seoul
1995.3.31-5.31 "Photography Today", Art Sonje Museum, Gyeongju
1994.11.12-12.6 "New Ventures Korean Young Artists Exhibition", National Museum of Contemporary Art
1994.9.23-9.28 The 11th Exhibition of KOGDA, “Environmental Protection Theme”, Seoul
1994.9.1-9.15 "September First", Galleria Department Art Hall, Seoul
1994.8.17-8.23 "The Horizon of Korean Contemporary Photography", Gongpyong Art Center, Seoul
1994.4.11-4.18 "'94 Photography New Wind", Gallery Hyundai
1994.2.23-3.1 "Photography ‘94 Korean", Indeco Gallery, Seoul
1994.1.18-2.10 "50 years of Korean Photography, 1945-1994", Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
1993.11.26-1994.1.15 "Photography and Image", Art Sonje Museum, Gyeongju
1993.9.20-9.25 The 10th Exhibition of KOGDA, "Green", Dongbang Plaza, Seoul
1992.11.28-12.7 "The Horizon of Korean Contemporary Photography", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
1992.9.14-9.19 The 9th Exhibition of KOGDA, “Green”, Dongbang Plaza, Seoul
1991.11.25-11.29 The 8th Exhibition of HIVD’s Association, Seoul
1991.11.16-11.30 "The Horizon of Contemporary Korean Photography", Total Open Air Museum, Jangheung
1991.107-10.12 The 8th Exhibition of KOGDA, "Design+Idea", Dongbang Plaza, Seoul
1991.9.28-10.1 The 1st Korea - Japan Poster Exchange Exhibition, "Paper Show”, Seoul
1991.6.19-6.29 "Front D.M.Z.", Seoul Art Center, Seoul
1990.9.17-9.22 The 7th Exhibition of KOGDA, “White Theme”, Dongbang Plaza, Seoul
1990.5.9-5.22 "Mixed Media", Kumho Museum, Seoul
1990.3.2-3.9 The 24th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art
1990.2.12-2.23 "Two Photographers from Korea", R.I.T. Gallery, Rochester
1989.12.11-12.20 "The Photography '89-'90", Hanmadang Gallery, Seoul
1989.11.30 Hongik Visual Communication Designer Association, Magazine Exhibition
1989.9.25-9.30 The 6th Exhibition of KOGDA, “Today”, Dongbang Plaza, Seoul
1989.3.4-3.10 The 23th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art
1988.10.15-10.20 The 6th Exhibition of HIVD’s Association, Chosunilbo Gallery, Seoul
1988.5.18-6.17 "The New Wave of the Photography", Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul
1987.4.16-5.15 "Figurative Ideas", Korean Cultural Service New York, N.Y.