12.18- "Current of Korean Journey of Photography, GASC Yunseul Art Museum, Kimhae
11.20-11.27 "The Condensed Moment", Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
11.9-11.21 "DaeSoo Kim Photography", Francoise Livinec Gallery, Paris
9.9- "Re:Kontemporary-Fomented Souls", Kate Shin Gallery. New York
9.1-9.29 "DaeSoo KIm Photography", Gallery Achim, Seoul
8.25-11.22 "Mind Scape", Shinsegae Art Wall, Seoul
6.6-8.19 "New Wave in Korean Photography1988-1998", GoEun Museum of Photography, Busan
5.21-7.25 "the 21st Century Handmade Print", gallery 270, New Jersey

11.15- "DaeSoo Kim Photography", IBU Gallery, Paris
5.17-9.28 "Korean Beauty: Two Kind of Nature", National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
5.3-6.30 "Hue Rest", The American Club, Singapore
3.6-3.27 "Space: Life and Routine", Choijungah Gallery, Seoul

11.12- "The Wind that Wakes the Bamboo", Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju
11.8-11.21 "Trees from the People", Artpark Gallery, Seoul
6.20-7.31 Art Space J Gallery Opening Exhibition, Art Space J Gallery, Bundang
6.19-7.16 "Port-a Breath of Incheon", ShinSeGae Gallery, Incheon
2.28-3.22 "Photoscape: Eye for the Ordinary Miracle", Interalia Art Company, Seoul

12.7-12.27 Hongik International Art Festival, Art Gallery, Seoul
10.18-11.17 “Listen to the Bamboos”, Gallery Eulenspiegel, Gallery Heuberg 24, Basel
9.13-9.17 Korea International Art Fair, Coex A and B Hall, Seoul
6.18-7.20 “Monochrome in Korea”, Galelie Dorothea, Mainz, Germany
5.18-5.31 “Sensibility of Bamboo”, Ewho Gallery, Seoul
3.28-3.31 Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris
3.8-3.28 “People du Bamboo”, Gallery Philippe Gelot, Paris